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Engineering Lines

Construction All Risk Insurance
Insures construction projects such as buildings, roads, bridges and other civil engineering projects against accidents resulting in loss or damage of works in progress, materials, construction equipment and machinery during the period of construction. Cover the cost of the completed portion inclusive of the cost of materials on site, wages, freight and customs duties. Covers also include third party liabilities arising from construction activities.
Erection All Risk Insurance
Insurance against accidents resulting in damage or destruction to machinery, mechanical equipment and apparatus during the course of erection or installation. EAR may be used to cover the erection or installation of individual machinery or for the erection of complete factories or industrial plants. Covers also include third party liabilities arising out of the erection activities.
Electronic Equipment Insurance
This is an all risks cover appropriate for accidents involving electronic equipment such as electronic data processing equipment (computers), medical equipment such as ECG machines, X-ray and other equipment used in hospitals and laboratories; communication facilities such as telephone exchanges, radio, television and communication apparatus, and other miscellaneous equipment. This policy may cover not only the loss of or damage to the electronic equipment but may also extend to cover the material value of the external data media and the cost of reprocessing lost information as well as the additional expenses incurred as a result of the breakdown of the electronic equipment.

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